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1. Name- Naomi
2. Location- Granada Hills, Ca (LA)
3. Age- 16
4. Favorite bands- Nirvana, Thrice, Switchfoot, Sum 41, Metallica, Papa Roach, Offspring, Pennywise, Motion City, The Killers, SOAD, Guns n Roses, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Ted Gneugen (however the hell u spell his name)..yeah...that kinda stuff
5. Tell us more about you- I am greek, japanese, n persian, n I write songs n sing, just started electric guitar, big on snowboarding, straightedge, and I love icecream. Im also going to the Nation guitar workshop in LA next summer if any of you guys are, I stayed in the same dorms this year but with another camp


aim- Sunkissedsmiles5
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