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1. Name: Jacqueline but I perfer Jacki or Jax
2. Location: Bethel CT.. yeah East Coast
3. Age: I'm 18
4. Favorite bands: Hopesfall, Modest Mouse, Story Of The Year, Thrice, Bright Eyes, Thursday.. and I'm really into Fiona Apple.
5. Tell us more about you: Well.. I'm a girl, my favorite color is red, I have a sick obsession with Hopesfall.. and a lot of people don't know about them. So if I were you and you are into screamo (but it's a little more CORE then that) then download some stuff or go out and get a CD or you can IM me and I can send you a song or something. They are uber rad.. anywhore. I live in a rich suburban town.. but I am NOT rich. <3
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